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Assistant Professor of Elementary Education


Ryan is motivational, articulate, and passionate about fitness and nutrition. Despite having an educational background in Food Science Nutrition, I have often struggled with maintaining a healthy diet, which at times has hindered my fitness goals. Ryan has provided me with pragmatic ways to eat healthy during my busy work schedule. In addition, he has given me ongoing emotional support through phone calls and texts.  These communications have helped hold me accountable for what I consume and have motivated me to strive to select more nutritious foods. Overall, I highly recommend working with Ryan. His thoughtful approach to fitness and health brings about changes in one’s lifestyle that are sustainable.
Working with Ryan for the past five years has been a very positive experience. He has provided me with an array of high-quality workouts all of which have been comprised of carefully selected exercises designed to assist me in reaching my physical goals. Thanks to his overwhelming support and motivation, I have achieved these goals and am now in the process of working towards new and more ambitious physical objectives.




Senior Software Developer


I had never worked with a trainer before and had always struggled with my weight. Now I can see that having a trainer makes all the difference since your trainer keeps you motivated, tries out various workout routines that really help keep you in shape. I had never run on the treadmill before and now, thanks to Ryan (you are the best), I actually ran two 5Ks in the past six months. I feel fitter and stronger and my endurance has improved a whole lot and I really cannot imagine my life without my gym.




Professor of Chemical Engineering


Following a ski accident about 18 years ago, I became committed to physical fitness initially to recover and then to maintain the tone and condition necessary for an active life, whether on high altitude mountaineering expeditions or frequent international travel. Working with Ryan Maciel over the past few years has provided an opportunity to not only maintain my condition but also to take it to a new place. The combination of rotation thru disciplined routines provides an opportunity to exercise all muscle groups, some of which I wasn't aware of, and maintaining good conditioning blended with cardiovascular exercise. Ryan's knowledge, friendly personality, and professional style make a challenging workout an enjoyable and rewarding experience. His nutrition insight has led to my being much more aware of a balanced diet, an added plus. I  have also appreciated the flexibility to accommodate my travel schedule as well as the preference for early morning workouts. 



Revenue Cycle Application Advisor


I initially sought a personal trainer in 2011, for two reasons:


1. I had been working out in the gym, following a disciplined routine for a good few years and had stopped seeing real results. I was hoping that a personal trainer would unlock some ‘secret’ mysteries and push me through the plateau that I had to seem to hit. 


2. I played a lot of sports and was getting chronically injured every season – again I was hoping that a personal trainer might be able to give me some insight and possibly some resolution on the cause of these injuries.


I started training with Ryan in 2011. He exhibited a goal-oriented yet a personalized and a compassionate approach towards healthy living. From the beginning, he laid great emphasis on long-term health rather than seeking short-term results.


Based on my goals, Ryan charted a roadmap that covered several important aspects of healthy living: nutrition, exercise, warm-ups, stretching and working towards my chronic issues. His focused roadmap and definitive leadership brought me great success – I gained 15-20 pounds of muscle while achieving my personal best of around 7% body fat.


Just when I had gotten into the best shape of my life, I dislocated my knee in a freak accident playing soccer and had to undergo another knee surgery in summer of 2012. Ryan stepped up in a major way during my rehab process and showed real compassion while preparing a personalized rehab plan from day one. He was in constant communication with my Physical Therapist and would improvise the rehab plans based on the therapist’s comments and my progress. 


At the age of 29 and having been through a severely intrusive knee surgery that involved – knee micro-fracture and MCL grafting – Ryan drudged to get me back into shape, in a matter of six months. His customized rehab plans along with his motivational leadership- pushed me all the way through the process. I not only reached my pre-injury shape but even gained a few extra pounds of muscle while increasing my ability to push off during my runs. Even today, Ryan ensures that I am working on my joints, mobility and lateral movement by including several sports-oriented drills in my workout.




Psychologist & Volunteer


Although I had always been fairly responsible about my health, by age 66 I was getting concerned about declining strength, energy, and balance.   So I signed up for weekly training sessions with Ryan.  This has made an enormous difference in my quality of life. Over the past three years, Ryan has kept my training sessions challenging and varied.  He has also encouraged my involvement in strength and aerobic classes and activities, including Pilates and Zumba.  


During training sessions, Ryan and I often keep up a running dialog on diet and nutrition.  Ryan emails me recipes for using nutritious ingredients.  Whenever I've suffered an injury, such as repetitive-use complications from playing the bass, Ryan will show me what to try, and let me know when it's probably time to contact my physician or physical therapist.   


Over the years, Ryan has introduced me to some terrific books about behavior change.  Predictably, these authors are entertaining as well as practical in their approach.  They focus, as does Ryan, on how to get the results you want. Because my health these days is about as good as it has ever been, I recently decided to come out of retirement and resume work as a psychologist.  Nowadays when clients ask me to recommend a book about behavior change, I tell them about books I was introduced to by Ryan.  Obviously, should they also be looking for a personal trainer, I know the right guy.  



Manager at Tennis Academy


I decided to work with a personal trainer when I first started getting serious about lifting. I knew I wanted to make a lifestyle out of this but was a complete novice and had no idea what I was doing. My first personal trainer was great and he really taught me the fundamentals of the basic compound movements and even introduced me to Olympic Lifting, which transformed my workouts from consisting of mind-numbing situps and curls into something that I actually looked forward to. After he moved on to a new job I decided to continue working with a personal trainer: that’s when I started training with Ryan. It’s been just under a year but the results I’ve gotten have been nothing short of phenomenal. I’ve always been disciplined about my workouts and diet but for whatever reason, I wasn’t getting the results that I actually wanted. Ryan helped me realize that the reason for this was that I was trying to achieve contradicting goals all at once. I was trying to get stronger, bigger, and leaner at the same time. I decided that my main goal was aesthetic. I wanted to see just how ripped I could get. Ryan was the perfect guy to help me achieve that goal: not only was he an expert when it came to the lifting aspect, but more importantly (for my goals) he is incredibly knowledgeable about diet and nutrition. Ryan got me on a new diet and training program more in line with my goals and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Within a matter of several months, I was down to 6% body fat and had achieved the body type I had always wanted. The kicker: I was working out fewer days, for shorter durations, and even enjoying my meals more! On top of that, I set new PRs in my main lifts. I was deadlifting more when I weighed 180 lbs than I was at 215 lbs! Whatever your goals, Ryan is the man to help get you there. Not only is he a consummate professional and genuinely invested in your success, he’s also a great guy that you’ll enjoy working out with. 



Lead Carpenter & Competitive Cyclist


As a lifelong athlete, I have always valued fitness and an active lifestyle. After a few sessions with Ryan, I knew that he would be instrumental in helping me achieve any fitness goal I could come up with. Shortly after starting with Ryan I became a competitive road cyclist. Together we focused on the muscles and movements needed to become a faster, more-fit cyclist. I have been working with Ryan for nearly six years, every year I become faster, leaner, and closer to the top-level of racing. Not only does Ryan have a great understanding of the physiology of an athlete to develop their strengths and improve their weaknesses, he is a great motivator and gives me a lot of energy and fun in our workouts.




Senior Financial Analyst


I first started working with Ryan 3 years ago and have experienced life changes as a result.  Ryan goes above and beyond to help ensure success.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about all things fitness, health, nutrition and wellness related, and never pursuing knowledge through additional education to stay informed.  Ryan approaches training as a full change in lifestyle and is able to assist someone through this transformation.   For my success, I needed motivation and education.  Ryan was able to teach me proper nutrition and help guide me as I learned how to apply that knowledge into my daily life.  I also learned about workout form and technique as well as proper workout creation and balancing different muscle groups. He is a constant motivator and always remained in touch with me helping me in all aspects of my life.  I am very thankful to Ryan for all he has helped me accomplish.  His lessons and teaching will always remain with me.stops


A very happy and satisfied client :) 


I started working with Ryan because I was gaining weight even though I was exercising regularly and being (mostly) mindful of what I ate.  After working with Ryan, I am delighted to report that I lost more weight than I had hoped! Ryan’s approach is to make incremental small changes and to see what works rather than making many drastic changes all at once.  All his advice was realistic and can be maintained in regular life.  He never suggested eating things that I don’t like and I could still have dessert once or twice a week.  He offered incremental modifications when I successfully incorporated his previous suggestions.  I appreciated his calm, straightforward manner and willingness to answer my questions.  I felt that I was getting advice and guidance specific to me rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.  Also, he made it easy to keep in touch by email, a quick update in passing at the gym, or in person meetings when needed. 


I wholeheartedly endorse working with Ryan.

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